Sociable state

At Madhees, we look at Corporate Social Responsibility in a different way. Our employee-volunteers delight in spending their personal time with underprivileged sections of the society. This comprises teaching run-down students, visiting orphanages and old age homes; organizing medical camps and helping NGOs in assisting the underprivileged. This volunteering is on the lookout for personal gratification and happiness. It is all about giving back to the society.

At Madhees, we call this initiative – “Madhees Magnanimity.” This initiative supports sustainable community development with an engagement to promote the cause of creating a more comprehensive society. Through this initiative, we wish to make sure that our employees, who are an essential part of this initiative, raise as complete individuals, by bringing out the leader in them who will initiate change, rise above the situation and most prominently, develop a universal perception towards life.

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