Corporate governance is about make the most of stakeholder value legally, honorably and on a supportable basis. At Madhees, the goal of corporate governance is to make sure impartiality for every stakeholder; our investors, vendor-partners, customers and the governments. We believe that all-encompassing corporate governance is acute in supplementing and holding investor trust. It is an image of our culture, our strategies, our relationship with stakeholders and our pledge towards values. Hence, we always seek to make certain that our performance is driven by honesty.

Our corporate governance frame of mind is based on the following principles:

  • Sustaining the spirit of the law - not just the letter of the law
  • Thinking beyond the law in safeguarding corporate governance standards
  • Upholding transparency and a great degree of disclosure levels
  • Making a clear difference between personal expediency and corporate possessions
  • Act in accordance with the laws in all the countries in which the company operates
  • Having a simple and crystal clear corporate structure determined solely by business needs
  • Taking up a trusteeship model in which the management is the trustee of the shareholders

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