Business Management Mentoring

The Creative Impetus is passionate about a spontaneous user experience because the user is eventually the one who is the target. We focus on the requirements of the user to create spectacular solutions through our knowledge in research, approach, and design methodologies.

Sales Management

Focusing on attaining an organization's sales objectives through outlining sales policies. This is achieved through development of account management processes, make use of contact management solution systems, accompanying sales training, and setting and achieving sales revenue targets


Training and mentoring present and future leaders to truly recognize how to mount up, embrace, and exercise the appropriate knowledge and then to share that power for the improvement of those around them to help develop, support, and uphold success and growth in a constructive manner.

Revenue Growth

How to estimate and manage the proportion of increase in a current year's profits in comparing to the previous year. Progression is a result of the right mechanisms being put in place comprising positive management, understanding selling techniques, larger support, and prodigious products, to provide a complete solution addressing the needs of a customer base. This concludes in the monetary success of a business entity.

Corporate Culture

The standards and performances that underwrite to the distinctiveness of the social and psychological environment of an organization. Key occupants of a great corporate culture include;

  • Affirming a clear undertaking to everyone inside and outside and then living it daily
  • Taking up a teamwork method for everyone while shielding their individuality
  • Developing a premeditated idea that is easily understood and encompassed by all levels of the organization
  • Creating an operational and instant communication network that works individually without impact
  • Knowing that change is continuous and having the audacity to hold it with eagerness

Strategic Team Alignment

When all of an establishment's resources are operational in an all-inclusive environment to attain a common goal from the decision-making group down to the front line teams. It is the core of the organization and entails of its people, assemblies, processes, and systems as they are dedicated to working in an impeccable sync with each other in the direction of achieving the common goals.

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